Why Massage?
Experts estimate that upwards of ninety percent of disease is stress-related. And perhaps nothing ages us faster, internally and externally, than high stress. Massage is an effective tool for managing this stress, which translates into:
Decreased anxiety.
Enhanced sleep quality.
Greater energy.
Improved concentration.
Increased circulation.
Reduced fatigue.
Regular massages are an excellent tool for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here are some reasons to justify your next appointment.

If you work sitting down all day, your posture has probably suffered. Shoulders and neck hold tension when stressed, and prolonged sitting leads to weak muscles and a weak low back. These imbalances can lead to pain and dysfunction. Getting a regular massage can correct these imbalances, encourage proper muscle function, and reduce pain.

Studies have shown that those who partake in massage not only have lower blood pressure in the hours following a session, but lower blood pressure in the days and weeks following a session. It has also been shown to immediately reduce heart rate.

Massage encourages the release of certain hormones that help people spend more time in deep sleep, the most restorative stage of the sleep cycle. Massage can become a positive force for encouraging sleep in your life.

Massage actually boosts your white blood cell count, thereby improving your immune function. Massage also reduces stress, the silent killer of a healthy immune system. Cortisol, the stress hormone which inhibits immune function, actually decreases with massage therapy.

If you suffer from tension headaches often, regular massages can limit them. It has been shown to decrease headaches in both frequency and severity, with many of the desired effects occurring immediately after the first treatment.

Regular workouts are the best way to build muscle strength. Massages can help relax the muscles after a high level of physical stress. This maintains muscle elasticity and strength making you less susceptible to muscle related injuries.

Massage works all the way down to cellular levels. Studies show that massage fights cellulite and improves collagen synthesis. The increase in collagen production helps battle the signs of aging and keeps your skin looking soft and subtle.

Human touch can be therapeutic and relaxing. A study of women with breast cancer showed that those who received regular massages felt less depressed about their condition than those who didnít receive massages. Massage also increases pleasure hormones dopamine and serotonin while reducing stress hormones.

Massages can benefit almost everyone. From Swedish to Rolfing, there is a therapeutic massage out there that can work for you. With all of these health benefits, even one session a month could make all the difference in your overall health and well being.


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